High Temp Composite

High Temp Composite[Under development]

PETI-330 PETI340M Prepreg


Breakthrough Resin Technology for High Temperature Composite Fabrication by RTM

PETI-330 is our latest innovation, a newly developed resin for polymer matrix composites, such as RTM process.

PETI-330 high temperature resin has high Tg and good toughness.Moreover, PETI-330 presents good processability with very stable viscosity at 288 degrees.
PETI-330 can be used to mold differnt structural parts in aeronautics.

Developed and tested by NASA Advanced Materials and Processing Branch-Langley Research Center.


  • PETI-330 is a new high temperature resin for Resin Transfer molding
  • Significant improvements in both high and low temperature performance compared with traditional materials such as epoxies or bismaleimides.
  • Superior combination of processability and mechanical properties compared with existing polyimides such as PMR-15.

(Licensed From the NASA Under US Patent 6,359,107)


  • Major advancement in materials technology combining unprecedented processing characteristics with long term (1,000 hours) performance at 300°C
  • The combination of easy processing for composite fabrication combined with high temperature performance and toughness is unprecedented
  • Offers low (<10 Pa-sec, 288°C) and stable melt viscosity highly suited to RTM process
  • Simple and efficient 1 hour full cure process
  • High glass transition temperature 330°C / 626°F
  • Solvent free (no volatiles)
  • Non toxic


  • Superior thermal performance to BMI
  • Specifically designed for Aerospace applications
  • Enables cost effective and affordable fabrication of high temperature composite structures for advanced aerospace applications
  • Extending the range of possible applications
  • Simplified cure process is highly suitable for mass production requirements
  • Reduced fabrication time for components and assemblies
  • Reduced mass & weight for high temperature structural applications (i.e. replace metallic parts and assemblies)
  • Enables a more cost effective alternative to complex part ssembly

Melt Viscosity vs. Temperature Curve of PETI-330 (Stable Viscosity at 280°C

  • Parallel Plate Rheometer conditions: Heating rate 4 °C/min (Hold at 280°C for 2 hr), Frequency : 100 rad/sec. Test specimen size: 2.54 cm diameter x 1.5 mm thickness

Typical Properties:
Viscosity : 1.8 ~ 3.0 Pa·s (280°C)
Tg (cured) : 333 °C

- Courtesy of Dr. John W. Connell at NASA LaRC

PETI365E/PETI-330 Presentation

PETI-340M Prepreg

Prepreg for High Temperature Composite


Features and benefits

  • Polymide resin matrix based on exclusive monomer technology developed by UBE.
  • Exceptional high heat resistance.
  • Complete elimination of MDA.
  • Cured resin with high toughness and extremely low micro cracking characteristic.
  • Maximum cure temperature at 370°C.
  • Excellent high temperature oxidation resistance.


  • High temperature components for jet engines.
  • Structural parts for aircrafts and launch vehicles.
  • Other high heat resistance parts and structures.

Typical prepreg specification

  • Resin content(Rc) : Approx.35wt%
  • Volatile content(Vc) : Approx.12wt%
  • Solvent : Methanol

Typical properties of resin

  • Glass transition temperature(Tg): 340°C.

Example of composite properties

  • TOS(weight loss)3,000h : < 0.3%@274°C
  • Carbon Fiber : Tenax IMS60 24k
  • Lay-up : [0/45/90/-45]3S